A Nice Family Christmas (2018) is a body of work that is based around a story that the artist wrote as a child culminating in a live performance (extract below).

"... as we were about to start eating the Turkey starts to like rock from side to side. And it kept going and going and it was getting harder and harder and then all of a sudden it sort of rolled onto its side and sort of lifted its legs like this (lay on the ground and lift legs like Turkey did) and then started moving its wings up and down sort of rhythmically like it was dancing sort of like (do it) and it turned over and rested on its wings and started to kick its legs up and down (do it) then it really quickly sat up and started to move its wings about like quite rhythmically again. Then it jumped off the table onto its legs and sort of made like an ushering motion like this. When we turned around there was a man made out of sprouts and roast potatoes with wings following the Turkey into the living room. They sort of bounded up to the Christmas tree and started jumping all over it. Then the Turkey who I'm pretty sure was the ringleader started shaking the tree and they rocked it so much that it fell over. There were smashed baubles and tinsel everywhere which the sprout man actually picked up and made it into a scarf! They were being so loud that they actually woke up my granny's dog. She is a big dob who likes food a lot and she literally eats anything. So she trotted down the stairs to yano like investigate and saw a yummy turkey right in front of her and she probably thought like mmmm mum's made me a special yummy dancing turkey all to myself. So she runs towards this Turkey with her tongue out and eats it in one mouthful!! Next she went for the Brussel Sprout man, she bit off his head but didn't eat anymore because I think she thought that sprouts are kind of gross and they make you fart. She didn't get a chance to eat the potatoes before they had flown out of the window!!!!!! So anyway we went and tidied the mess that the dinner had made, sat down and finally got to eat what was left of the dinner that didn't become sentient, and then we went and played monopoly."


Brussel Sprout Man2018